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CF2318 Digital ? Intelligent Direct Connection Level Transmitter


 General View
CF 2318 series level transmitter adopts diffused silicon
isolation type sensor modules that are of high precision
and high stability, converting level singal of the tested
liquid into standard 4 ~ 20 mA DC electric signal
through highly reliable amplifying circuit and precision
temperature compensation. High quality sensor,
elaborate packaging techniques and perfect assembling
technology ensure excellent product quality and the
most optimal performance of the product. The product
is of separated structure that falls into such two
medium testing types as cable type and anti-corrosion
agent type. Anti-corrosion type product can withstand
the erosion of many types of corrosive liquids, with
which customer demands can be fulfilled to the most.
CF 2318 series level transmitter is divided into such
 two types as general type and intrinsic safety
explosion proof type. Explosion proof type can be
widely used in various tough and dangerous
industrial environments.



Range: 0 ~ 0.3 m to 0 ~ 350 m (please refer
to type selection table)
Over load pressure: 2 times of max range
Output signal: 4 ~ 20 mA DC (two wire
Operation voltage: 14 ~ 36 V DC (two wire
system) standard 24 V DC ±5%, ripple less
than 1%.
Temperature of the medium: - 20℃ ~ + 85℃
Ambient temperature: - 20℃ ~ + 85℃


Load resistance:
(4 ~ 20 mA) : R = [(U – 14) / 0.02] – R0
In which U is power supply voltage; R0 is the
internal resistance of the cable.
(0 ~ 10 mA) : R ¡Ü1 Kohm
(0 ~ 5 V) : R ¡Ý300 ohm


 * Features
0 ~ 1.3 m to 0 ~ 15 m
Separated structure type
Cable type, anti-corrosion type
Lightning proof, RF interference proof
Reversed polarity protection and current
limiting protection
Intrinsic safety explosion proof
Zero point and range continuously
adjustable externally
High precision, high stability, and high

HART communication protocol for choice.
Liquid level measuring and controlling on
industrial sites
Hydrological monitoring and controlling
Ocean navigation and ship building
Urban water supply and sewage water
Construction of large river dams and water
conservancy construction
Chemical industry and medical equipment
*Technical index
Medium tested
Water and general non corrosive liquid
(cable type)
Various corrosive liquids (corrosive type)


Performance indexes
±0.1% (including the comprehensive error of nonlinearity, repeatability and return error).
Zero point deviation
Not exceeding 亇0.5% of the range
Zero point deviation:
0% ~ + 80% of max range state
Range adjustment:
Adjustable freely between the min. range and max range state.
Influence of over pressure:
Less than 0.25% of max range state.
Influence of power supply
Less than 0.01% V of output range.
Load influence:
Influence of temperature:
±1.5% of max range state (temperature range: - 20% ~ + 85%, including total temperature
influence of zero point and the range).
±0.25% / year of max range state.
O Features of structure:
Materials for isolation: 316L stainless steel diaphragm, ceramic diaphragm (anti-corrosion type)
Materials of sensor: 316 stainless steel, PTFE (anti-corrosion type)
Outlet wire:
Abrasive resistant and water proof aerated cable, Ø 9 outer diameter, double layer (cable type)
PTFE hose, Ø 7.5 outer diameter (anti-corrosion type)
Junction box: aluminum alloy, surface coated with sprayed plastics.
Indication meter: M3 digital LCD display meter
Explosion proof mark: Ex ia II CT5 (intrinsic safety explosion proof type);
Overall protection meeting requirements of IP 67 (meeting applicable parameters)

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