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CF3351 Digital ? Intelligent Pressure / Differential Pressure Transmitter

CF series intelligent digital pressure / differential pressure transmitter is an intelligent digital instrument of multi functions independently developed by the company through integrating our many-year industrial manufacturing experience; it is elaborately designed by combining with advanced single chip computer technology and sensor digital conversion technology on the basis of capacitor sensor technology that is internationally advanced, proven, and reliable.

The instrument is cored with a 16-bit single chip microcomputer, whose powerful functions and high speed computing capability strongly guarantee the excellent quality of the transmitter. The design, as a whole, is with a view to performance reliability, stability, high precision and intelligentization, which fulfill the requirements of industrial sites nowadays that get demanding day by day. Therefore, the software is applied with digital signal processing technology which provides the instrument with excellent performance of resisting disturbance and zero point stability as well as zero point stability self tracing capability (ZSC) and temperature self compensation (TSC) capability.

Powerful interface function ensures good interaction performance of the transmitter while no hand operation is needed any more. Digital LCD display of the meter can display such three physical measurements as pressure, temperature, and current values and simulation indication from 0 ~ 100%. Through key operation, basic parameter settings such as zero point deviation, range settings, damping settings etc can be completed easily without standard pressure source provided; besides, the transmitter can be recalibrated, all of which make instrument commissioning on site extremely convenient.

Via S-port serial communication port, it directly communicates with computers through special switching module. Through the interface of upper computer, further more functions can be completed than through key operations. Digital signal transmitting can take place through connecting the instrument with special RS 485 module or constructing RS 485 industrial local area net (LAN).

Integration design is adopted for the instrument for signal conversion and acquiring, and processing and control of current output, which makes the transmitter structure more compact and reliable.


Features of Digitization * Intelligence

*Superior performance for measuring pressure, differential pressure, liquid level, and flow rate

*Sensor directly outputting frequency signal

*Digital accuracy: 0.05%

*Simulation accuracy: 0.075% ~ 0.1% FS

*Overall performance: ?0.25% F S

*?Stability: 0.25% FS, 60 months

*Rangeability: 100 : 1

*?Measuring rate: 0.2 S

*Miniature structure (2.7 kg); flange fully made of stainless steel; easy for installation

*Process connection compatible with other products, which realizes optimal measuring

*The only sensor adopting H alloy sheath throughout the world, which is of excellent cold and heat stability

*Adopting intelligent transmitter of16 bit computer.

*Standard current of (4 ~ 20) mA; supplied with communication keyboard and RS 485 communication interface; no hand operation device needed any more.

*Supporting local bus technical upgrading and technical upgrading on the basis of local contro

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