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CFSE birotor flow meter
Product Model:CFSE birotor flow meter

Birotor flow meter (short as flow meter hereinafter) is a type of precision instrument for measuring and controlling the flow of liquid in pipelines. Flow meter can be made of various materials; it is widely used in the measurement of industrial liquids for industries including petroleum, refined oil, alcohols, light hydrocarbon etc. It is domestically the latest generation of volume flow meter by now.
This type of flow meter is designed with local indicator,direct code word reading. Local indicator counter can be reset to zero and can output electric impulse signals for processing by display instruments and computers, thus to realize centralized remote control of flow management.
A. High measuring accuracy, wide flow range, good repeatability.
B. Uniform speed of helical rotor rotation, low noise of flow meter, small vibration, and long service life.
C. Not sensitive to change of viscosity, especially suitable for measuring liquid of relatively high viscosity.
D. Simple structure, small outer dimensions, and light weight.
E. Easy installation, no straight tube sections are needed in front of and behind the flow meter.
3.Principle of Operation:
This flow meter belongs to volume type version, its measuring chamber is the enclosed cavity (see the shadowed parts in the illustration) formed with the tooth socket of the helical rotor (measuring component) and the inner wall of the flow chamber. A volume of 8 times of the cavity can be output for each revolution of the rotor; therefore, revolutions of the helical rotor are in direct proportion to the accumulated flow of the fluid.
4.Technical Parameter:



Allowed Basic Error(%)


Repeatability Error(%)


Allowed Working Pressure(MPa)


Medium Temperature(℃)


Medium Viscosity(mPa.s)


IP Code

ExdIIBT6(Remote type can be divided to normal type and Explosion type)

Flange Standard


Main Materials

Stainless steel,cast steel,cast iron

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